Description :- During production, the filter medium

made of micro-fibreglass fleece is pleated to form a stable package of folds. The number and

the height of the folds are optimally designed to match operating conditions. The individual


filter plates are arranged in a V-shape (in 4 compartments) inside a synthetic frame made of

ABS, so as to assure a

stable form of the filter plates, and are glued to assure airtightness .



  • It is processed by fiberglass or PP material and featured with high efficiency, large airflow, low operation cost and easy installation.
  • Temperature resistance: 80degree centigrade, relative humidity is 80%. There are galvanized steel frame, aluminum frame and plastic frame available.
  • Conform to the fire resistant standard.
  • Each HEPA Filter is individually tested via PSL particle, Using MPPS (DOP Test) laser particle counting device to measure overall efficiency of the filter, special HEPA filter is available.All plastic construction
  • No metal components
  • Dura-Tuff 100% synthetic media
  • Fully incinerateable
  • Suitable for selected corrosive or chemical environments
Three efficiencies -

90 -95%,

80 - 85%,

60 - 65%,