Pleated filter contains 1/4" thick polyester media imbedded with activated carbon granules. Its dual purpose media design provides a MERV 7 for particulate collection while utilizing carbon for gaseous pollutant control. The pleated packs are contained in high wet strength, die cut beverage board frames. The leak-free frame consists of two mating boxes that are bonded to each other and to the pleat pack for increased rigidity. The two piece frame design forms a double wall around all four edges of the filter. Pleated panel filters are available in 1", 2", or 4" depths, with increasing levels of carbon density. The filters are interchangeable with conventional particulate filters of the same size. No modifications to current frames or latches are necessary.

Pleated filter with greater carbon density than the pleated filter and has dual purpose media design for both odor removal and particulate collection. Available in 1", 2", or 4" depths.

Pleated filter designed to provide odor and particulate control. Activated carbon is contained in a dust filtration media to achieve a dual filtration effect. Available in 1", 2", or 4" depths.